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A divine 'necessity' upon your spirit - 21/02/2012

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"And he must needs go through Samaria" (John 4:4 KJV).
When we get very acquainted with the Holy Spirit, we would be amazed what kind of life He will produce out of us. We are predestined to be like Jesus Christ and to live like Him. That is why we must be so yielded to the Holy Spirit, so He leads to that place of still waters. Amen.
The witness of the Holy Spirit in your spirit could come to also as a burden placed upon your spirit. I'm not talking about a burden from the world, but a burden which would stir you up to do something spiritual at a point in time. Until that is carried out, you may never have 'peace' in your spirit. It is more like a divine necessity placed upon your spirit which you must execute.
God would always move us this way by His Spirit because a bad situation which is looming must be salvaged, or a revelation or direction must be brought forth to enlighten His people. The apostle Paul recounts how God impressed upon his spirit to pray for many believers and to visit particular churches at specific times. He was forbade from going some places at some points, and only allowed to go to others.
This burden to pray for someone or to pray about something does come to believers many a time. But until we have put our spirits in the right condition, we may not even discern it. My Pastor shared with me once about how God placed a burden on his heart to pray for someone sometime ago. According to him, they (together with wife) were already late for a meeting. Yet while he was driving, this burden to pray for a particular person came so strongly in his heart. He had ignored it a couple of times on the journey, till his car started over - heating. Then he had to stop, somewhere in front of the Accra Mall, and this burden to pray rather increased at that time. So he prayed together with the wife concerning the matter for a while, till he got the note of victory in his spirit. When he called, the fellow related how mightily God delivered him from a coming disaster within the same time that they were praying. That is how God can use us to deal with issues we may not even be aware of!
Our main verse gives another wonderful twist to this divine experience. Here is Jesus who left Judea heading Galilee. Geographically, the road which passes Samaria was the straightest He could use. Yet it was for a higher cause that's why He used that route. Jesus "must needs" meet this Samaritan at the well. He “must needs” speak to her for salvation, making her an Evangelist to Samaria. And above all, Jesus “MUST NEEDS” bring to the whole world, the eternal revelation of TRUE WORSHIP - worshipping God in spirit and in truth! Oh Glory to God! That burden was on His heart, and that burden still comes to us by the Holy Spirit.
There are times you sense the Holy Spirit pressing on your heart to pass a specific place (at a specific time), to call someone, to visit someone, to join a certain bus etc etc, while you could have chosen from countless options. That is the leading of the Holy Spirit - the divine necessity which we must not ignore!
Friend, have you been discerning the movements of the Holy Ghost in your spirit? Divine necessities are being placed on us day in and out, and we must respond to them promptly! Amen.

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Abraham Asiedu

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